Some Ideal Ways to Use Your Travel Reward Miles

Posted on July 13, 2018 By

Travel reward miles are the ultimate savior for the frequent flyers who wish to gain their benefits when it comes to traveling. It’s worth it to invest your efforts in signing up for a frequent flyer account. The process is simple and free of cost and you can gain several benefits along the way.

There are several ways to sensibly redeem your reward miles and put them to the best use. Here are some ways you can use them.

1. Booking
One of the most obvious redemption for everyone is booking a flight. This makes sense too because most of the travelers aim to book great flights through their frequent flyer program.

Your miles can help you to easily book a free flight. However, airlines would never give away free flights just like that. To gain the maximum benefits, booking early is essential. Booking one way flights can also help you in gaining the most out of your frequent flyer miles. Follow advices of the mileage geeks who would help you to maximize your benefits.

2. Upgrade
For frugal travelers, one of the aims of registering to the frequent flyer program is getting upgraded every now and then. Flying through the premium classes of an airline is a dear dream of many passengers that can be easily achieved through the frequent flyer program.

Miles can be used for upgrading to the premium classes of an airline when you purchase a simple coach ticket. Upgrading on a long haul international flight is a very wise decision where your comfort should be the optimum priority.

3. Adding a Destination
Air miles should be put to new and creative uses instead of just booking and upgrading. One of its uses is to add a new destination to your itinerary. This gets you to explore a new destination without having a rise in your travel costs. Many leading airlines provide free stopovers to the frequent flyers, especially on one-way flights. This is a huge benefit and an option that you may not consider otherwise.

4. Gifting
There will be many times when you have a pool of miles with no appropriate option for using or no plans of traveling. Instead of letting them go to waste, you can gift your air miles to someone dear to you. If you know someone who is about to achieve a milestone in life or wishes to fly, you can get them closer to their dream. This is one of the best gifts that will be memorable forever.

5. Rental Cars or Hotel Rooms
When you’re finding uses to redeem your air miles, you can use them to upgrade to your desired hotel room or even for renting a car. There are many hotel partners and car rentals that are affiliated with certain airlines. They can yield you huge benefits once you’re booking with them. Instead of letting your miles expire, you can put them to a good use!