Fun Facts You Should Know Before Moving To Portland

Posted on July 14, 2018 By

For the last few years Portland, Oregon has been one of the most popular places that people are moving to. Maybe it’s in pursuit of a place with fresh air, green as far as the eye can see or somewhere that has its own distinct cool and innovative vibe. Whatever the reason, here are a few things to consider before your move to the beaver state.

1. Rain: When they say it rains a lot that might be an understatement. Rain is a constant in Portland; even on a nice day the clouds may open up and let out a 5 minute burst. Life continues on as usual and most Oregonians laugh when they hear that people in places like Los Angeles completely lose there minds at the sight a small drizzle.

2. Green. Not only is the actual landscape of Portland itself very lush but green also refers to the mindset of the people. It is a very environmentally conscious city. Recycling is a must and remember to bring your reusable bags when you go to the grocery store.

3. Transportation: People in Portland defiantly do have cars, but if you are living in the city proper it really isn’t always necessary to have one. Public transportation is also very efficient, like the MAX light rail service.

4. Bikes: Biking is taken very seriously here. Always share the road if you do plan to drive or maybe your move to Portland is a time to make a change to getting around as a cyclist.

5. Beer: Now here is a town that really takes their beer seriously. There are over 60 microbreweries and counting in the downtown area. Just don’t try to visit them all in one day!

6. Landscape: Portland is perfectly situated in the state that some of its most beautiful scenery is only a short car ride away. Mt. Hood is a beautiful day trip only an hour from the city, the Pacific Ocean is less than a two-hour drive away and the Colombia River Gorge offers breathtaking waterfalls and vistas that are well worth the short drive.

7. Keep Portland Weird: This has been a common slogan for many years that you will hear and see around town. Although there are all types of people that live in Portland, it is known as a city that embraces people of all walks of life with open arms.